Our Team

United We Stand


Cristina Press
Business Analyst and Graphic Desiner

Meet Cristina Press,

A Seasoned business analyst. Also a graphic designer. She is in charge of all of graphics and general business planning for our clients across the world.

Talha Bisharat
YouTube Expert

Meet Talha Bisharat,

a YouTube and Instagram expert who has been working with Matronet Solutions since 2019.

Kathy A J
SMM Expert

Meet Kathy A.J

A co-founder of Matronet Solutions, an expert in social media marketing and Link building.

Emmanuel Ige O.
Content Marketer

Meet Emmanuel I.O,

A Seasoned Video Animator and Financial analyst in charge of the company’s revenue management.

He is a part of the founding team and has been working with us since the beginning of Matronet Solutions till now.

Founder of Matronet Solutions and a leader to emulate in team building.

Matthew A O